Social Wi-Fi

Turn your free WiFi into a modern marketing tool. Grow your business by enhancing your visitors’ experience with free, no fuss Wi-Fi access. Customers expect a quick and simple process when they log in and they get this with Social WiFi.

Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login allows you to glean important metrics about your visitors. When your visitors opt-in, you could grow a quality mailing list for your marketing campaigns. Metrics are visualized and displayed in beautiful at-a-glance graphs and charts for easy cross reference.

Monetize Your Wifi
People are already coming to your business, and over 75% of them need WiFi to connect their devices to. (Hint:Advertising Injection) Why not take advantage of it?

Social WiFi Secure
We have special new technologies that allow you to customize your Social Wifi system. Customers can Log in through a social network, or through a secure network.

WiFi for Any Industry
Everyone can use Social Wifi: From Restaurants and Night Clubs to Hospitals , Hotels, and Campgrounds. It works anywhere!