Erase Learning Barriers in Education

Digital technology is revolutionizing the way children learn. From pre-K to higher-education, students are more engaged and improve achievement by using laptops, tablets, and other smart technology in the classroom. Anytime, anywhere access to instructional resources for both teachers and students is bringing down classroom walls, to make learning a 24/7 proposition.

The progressive change in education comes with new challenges for school administrators—stretching budgets, taxing resources, and requiring infrastructure modifications to meet and anticipate the school system’s IT needs.

We are specializes in the design and deployment of high-density, high-capacity Wi-Fi. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable wireless experts will evaluate your current IT needs and existing mobile device strategy. We'll offer a tailored, integrated and cost-effective solution to help tackle the challenges of providing a high-performing, wireless network while balancing the need for security and ease-of-use.

Our Solutions, Services and Products

Charging and Storage Solutions

Charging carts and lockers for all 1:1 devices, including iPads, and laptops

Collaboration Solutions

Foster collaboration and dynamic learning in the classroom – connect, share, and control any content from any device

Digital Signage

Signage solutions for all your classroom and environment needs.

Wireless Presentation

Share projectors and video screens wirelessly among the teacher and multiple students

Wireless Networks

Best-in-class Wi-Fi that’s critical to learning environments