National government and local councils struggle to balance legacy operations and cost-cutting measures against growing populations, rising cybersecurity threats and public demand for better services. They are subject to a great deal of legislation: at the same time they are also a focus of public interest. Over the coming years, digital transformation is expected to make significant changes to processes, structures and strategies in the public sector. It is essential, alongside the technical implementation, to release untapped potential and to be fully in charge of all processes. These special requirements demand a special partner, one who is familiar with and understands their goals and who can draw on a wealth of experience. You can be confident that we understand these specialized requirements. From analysis and consultancy through to the development and implementation of tailored IT solutions.

- Management of IT infrastructure and applications
- Unified Communication for communications over all media
- IT Security Services protecting against misuse and unauthorized access to data and communications content
- Platform Services for the selection of the appropriate infrastructure
- Computing Services for operating systems, databases and storage
- Network Services for technical connectivity and data exchange

If you deliver service operations to clients with large indoor and outdoor areas, you manage a constantly mobile team.

Success means lowering costs and demonstrating superior service metrics. Minimize time to report security, maintenance, cleaning or safety issues with near-instant Push-to-Talk (PTT). This solutions can replace two-way radios with better coverage and lower costs. Bluetooth shoulder microphone/ speakers and multi-unit charging solutions cover all situations where radios are traditionally used, in a compact, ultra-rugged form factor.

Optimize routes and schedules, ensure staff accountability and quickly locate needed staff and resources when there's a deviation from the routine. Indoors, selected devices can scan small contactless electronic 'Near Field Communication' (NFC) tags placed on walls, doors, gates, equipment and ID badges, then signal the real time location and task completion of a worker on a supervisor's screen.

Outdoors, pedestrian or vehicular patrols can also use GPS. Automated data collection and reporting shows just how great a job your team is doing. Assure employee safety and comply with regulations through a worker panic button, man-down sensor, location updates to a response center or security control room and automated help calls.

Replace multiple devices such as a radio, guard tour verification device and panic button system with a single ultra-reliable phone that lasts 3+ years in all conditions. Save on end-to-end costs including hardware, accessories, training, IT and mobile network access.