Improving IT connectivity and Preparing for Virtualized and Cloud-based Workflow

In the last several years, companies operating in Broadcast & Media Industry have been making a rapid transition to file based workflows and automating broadcast operations for program transmission, master control, news production and live production. In many cases this transition also includes moving from dedicated hardware to using generic, off-the-shelf IP technology.

Consumers have become more demanding and also acts as active participants and media content producers.

Competition in the media industry is tough, and the importance of multiform media content is growing. In addition, digital channels are increasing, and mobilization and automation continue to grow. Other visible changes include an increase in the number and size of image, audio, video and other files. Media content and channelling are influenced above all by end user demands. Service experiences also have an important role and have an influence on media consumption. Services need to be e.g. easily accessible and user-friendly.

We'll be at your side with IT solutions, tailored precisely to fit your branch, through the digital transformation of your media-based business. You'll be able to manage your content efficiently and delight your customers with consistent content. We'll help you maximize your profit and optimize your processes thanks to our comprehensive IT expertise and many years of experience in the media industry.

Specific service offerings include:
Cloud services
Digital strategy consulting
Satellite connective for outside broadcasting
Digital workflow