Private clouds are the combination of globalization of your workforce and security, easy to access within the company but still with high security and privacy. Whether you need a reliable data backup solution, instant access to files wherever you are or a simple way to share files with clients and colleagues — or all of the above — there is a cloud storage service for you.

Private clouds using techniques such as distinct pools of resources with access restricted to connections made from behind your firewall, dedicated leased lines and/or on-site internal hosting.

By separating your traffic from public internet we can ensure that operations are kept out of the reach of prying eyes. You will have also more ability to configure and manage the cloud inline with your needs to achieve a tailored network solution.

Benefits of the private cloud:
Scalable up or down anytime
Decrease spending on technology infrastructure
Achieve 100% mobility
Budget friendly
Minimize training
Disaster proof your technology
Automatic Software Updates

Start saving now.