New locations, new connectivity.
Regardless of this reliance on connectivity, organisations are starting to do business in new and unusual locations. From pop-up shops in the middle of shopping centres, to temporary restaurants on roof-tops, gardens and beaches, businesses today are finding new locations from which to reach their customers. In addition to these new, innovative locations designed to engage customers, businesses are also looking to simply expand their reach to new audiences – for example, large retailers are opening local convenience stores to reach rural populations. This changing environment demands networking which can be connected anywhere, at any time, and normally with little notice. Ultimately businesses now require a new, more flexible connectivity than fixed line alone can provide, while still ensuring that their enterprise network is kept secure.

Sometimes our clients need connectivity also on remote locations with no mobile or landline service available. Or they need to combine bandwidth from multiple sources for ultimate dependability. Peplinks intelligent technology automatically detects problems and compensates to deliver rock-solid performance. Our solutions allows you to extend your VPN network via a dedicated “always on” microwave or satellite connection.

Cut the wire
Historically there has been no real answer for businesses when fixed line isn’t readily available – meaning organisations have had no choice but to accept limited functionality in more remote locations, or otherwise simply been unable to set up at all.

The Added Benefits of Using Cellular for Primary Connectivity
Connects virtually anywhere – perfect for remote locations
Easily scaled; can connect 1000s of branches as easily as 1
No extended lead times; deploy within days instead of weeks and months
4G LTE can connect even the most advanced applications, featuring high speeds and bandwidth
Cloud-managed for simplified remote monitoring and management of the entire network

Satellite as a primary form of connectivity
Satellite is an ideal primary form of connectivity if you need connection in a remote location. When you know it takes weeks, sometimes months, to get a terrestrial broadband connection installed. Or when you know sometimes it takes that long before the provider admits that it cannot be delivered at all.
Satellite as a back up option
Satellite can act as an excellent back up option in places where the quality of terrestrial access is unreliable and/or poor. Satellite back up ensures that businesses and end users are connected to the Internet when the primary terrestrial access is unavailable for short periods of time.