Consistent, Reliable, Scalable.

Those are three common needs for most retail location data connections. Thanks to the digital age, the retail experience has changed. The proliferation of communication channels is changing the way businesses interact with their customers. Great customer experiences now happen at multiple touchpoints, including in person, on the phone, or via email or chat.

Retailers are creating online marketing and promotions to convert customer visits into purchases, improve shopping experiences, and boost competitiveness.

You should never miss out on a sale due to downtime. Accelerated retail solutions are simple to setup and maintain, and offer the peace-of-mind knowing that if your primary connection goes down, you don't have to go down with it.

Retail stores rely on fast and stable internet connections for sales processing, inventory management and employee communications.

In the event of service interruption to a store's traditional network (T1, Cable, DSL, etc.) a number of issues can arise including: lost sales, failed PCI-DSS compliance, slower customer transactions, customer frustration, employee frustration and even a negative brand impact.

Retail locations can benefit from using wireless cellular networks as either their primary connectivity option or as a wireless cellular failover system (i.e. provide emergency backup connectivity) from their traditional network to guarantee uninterrupted Internet access for all their locations.