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With wireless access being the norm, there still is a place for structured cabling installs. Structured cabling serves as the backbone of wireless networks, joining wireless access points together, enabling businesses to access their wireless network throughout their premises. Structured cable Installations are excellent for high-speed networks, VOIP handsets, PDQ machines, server access, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, CCTV, door entry systems, display screens, printers, and many other uses.

We provide thoroughly tested, inspected structured cabling from one single point to hundreds of points. It will ensure that all of your technology communicates and operates at maximum speed. At the same time, troubleshooting issues with printers, laptops, servers, and other devices connected to your network also become far more comfortable.

What Are The Benefits Of Structured Cabling?

Replacing an unstructured cabled system with a structured system makes it easy to quickly connect desktops, laptops, telephones, and printers without the need for extra messy wiring. Plug the new device into a network socket, and you are ready to use it straight away.

Current working practices require more flexibility than in the past. Methods such as hot-desking save precious space because it means everyone doesn’t need their dedicated desk. Staff can move around the office and plug in their laptop and get to work.

Emerging technologies and applications typically use more data, which requires more network bandwidth. We are moving to a world where more and more intelligent devices can connect to the internet to enable us to control them remotely and do smart things without us having any need for human interaction. From devices that control the lighting and room temperature to fridges that order groceries when you run short. All of which require more bandwidth to operate.

Structured cabling requires a one-off investment, after which you don’t need to pay any time that you want to add new people or devices to your network. Just plug them in, and they can start working straight away.

All structured cabling equipment conforms to defined standards. All manufacturers of networked IT equipment must adhere to these standards. It makes it easier and quicker to resolve network issues.

What is the Process?

Our process is designed to ensure that there is a smooth transition to your new working environment and that your network is future-proof for many years to come. Attention to detail and proper cable management is essential to the sustainability and scalability of every thriving environment. You can count on us.

We start by discussing your requirements and what you want to achieve

We fully audit your existing IT equipment and plan for future requirements

We conduct a full site survey and provide you with an installation plan and timeline

Cable connections

Installation takes place either over the weekend or out of office hours to minimize the disruption to your business.

Once the installation is complete we provide ongoing support and management services.

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