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Cloud PBX

VGate Networks' Cloud PBX system removes hefty capital investment and complexities by moving it all into the ‘cloud’ – it is simply software that lives in our secure, monitored, redundant data centers. Changes and new features can instantly be made via our simple management tool – gone are the days of site visits by technicians or having to maintain your own expensive hardware.

Your phone system in the cloud with the following powerful features:

International Calling

Wifi Calling

Call Transfer

Conference Calling

Business Hour Routing

Mobile App

Voicemail Transcript

Call Recording

Advantages of a cloud PBX:

Cheaper than traditional PBX

Reduces capital expenditure and maintenance costs

Secure and reliable – accessed via a private, secure data connection

Easily relocate your business without any interruptions to your voice communications

SpeedFusionHub - Infrastructure as a Service

VGate Networks can offer our FusionHub as a Service (FHaaS) so that you can take advantage of Peplink’s amazing FusionHub and SpeedFusion products without having to set up your own cloud server infrastructure.

Bandwidth Bonding
Connect to your cloud server with the combined speed of all your WAN links. Enjoy faster internet access by using VGate Networks' data centers' high-throughput connectivity.

Remote Streaming
Stream videos and transfer large files quickly, even in remote areas with limited Internet access. • Combine Different Sources: DSL, MPLS, 3G, 4G LTE: use them all together to increase your bandwidth.

Session Persistence
Combine any type of connection from multiple ISPs to create a highly available connection between your device and your FusionHub. This connection will provide an unbreakable VPN.

Packet-Level Seamless Failover
Even when a WAN link fails, your sessions will stay active. VoIP calls will continue without interruption.

Cellular Backup Connections
Set bandwidth-limited links (3G/4G LTE) to perform hot failovers if your primary connection fails.

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