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Maintaining a computer network is a full-time job, and for many companies, the prospect of employing full-time staff to manage their IT systems is just too expensive. ADVANTESCO is in business to help our clients with their particular Information Technology needs—affordably.

ADVANTESCO has life-long relationships with all our clients. We provide responsive, thorough support. As with our onsite visits, remote service and support can be provided on schedules ranging from daily monitoring to crisis care. Whether we’re local to you or across the country (or the world!), ADVANTESCO is committed to providing you with top-quality service.
Further, improve the cost-effectiveness of your ADVANTESCO network maintenance program with Remote Support and Management services.

When your system experiences a problem, we can manage and troubleshoot your network without leaving our office—saving hundreds of staff-hours and, most importantly, thousands of dollars. By logging on to your system remotely, ADVANTESCO technicians can perform support and maintenance functions quickly and easily. Using various tools for remote management, we can monitor, administer, and repair many components of your network, your servers, and your workstations from our offices almost instantaneously. But if a significant problem occurs that requires an onsite visit, we can be there to help.

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As businesses adopt new technologies, they become more productive and able to do more with less. The companies that keep on top of the latest tech upgrades can gain advantages compared to those that don’t. However, unless you have dedicated in-house resources to help you keep up with all of the latest trends, it can be hard to know whether to move to the latest technology or to wait and see. Our team is continuously evaluating new software releases. We test them ourselves first to understand the benefits of upgrading. Outsourcing your IT support will help you stay focused on running your business without getting distracted by complicated IT decisions.

Server support includes:
• Administration   • Security
• File sharing   • Permissions management
• User and device management • VPN and remote access
• Check on backup solution

Professionally designed and managed networks for your business or venue.
Whether wireless or wired LAN, ADVANTESCO can take away the headache of managing the Local Area Network at your global sites to provide you with an end-to-end managed service, not just from router to router, deep into the heart of your organization. If the worst happens and you have a problem with your internet, we aim to be at work to diagnose and solve the problem before you even realize it is there. Remote device management, network diagnostic tools, and advanced monitoring and alert systems allow us to make sure you stay online and uninterrupted.

Network support includes:
• Administration   • Wireless (WiFi) Networking
• Troubleshoot Ineffective Connection    • Network Printer Configuration
• LAN, WAN & VPN   • Security for networks and users

Our support plans will provide your business with unlimited IT assistance for peace of mind.
MacOS is generally more reliable than Windows, but it’s not perfect. A lot of people choose Apple because ‘it just works.’ Our support professionals answer your questions and explain what needs to be done in simple, easy-to-understand terms. If action needs to be taken, our NOC team will walk you through it, or, if possible, fix it for you over a remote connection to your network. We can use remote desktop software, which allows us to connect to your Macs and solve the issue as if we were sitting in front of your computers. Our help desk technicians are backed up by more experienced technicians which means that if 1st line support is unable to solve a technical hitch over the phone, they may need to research the problem or discuss it with 2nd line support who will make sure your issue is promptly and efficiently resolved within agreed SLAs.

User support includes:
• Administration   • iCloud support
• Font management    • Printer configuration and support
• TimeMachine setup    • Email Implementation/Support

ADVANTESCO Help-desk works seamlessly with your existing IT staff to become the first line of technical support for your employees. As ADVANTESCO Help-desk handles your tier 1 tickets, any escalation of tickets is sent to your internal IT engineers. The remote support help desk is a convenient, fast, and professional way of augmenting your IT services. It will free you up from technical headaches and enable you to focus on your core competencies, supporting the growth of your company.

Our robust, scalable, and cost-effective Help-desk offering will handle issues and management related to printers, scanners, computers, mobile device management, VPN set-up, wireless network connectivity as an example.

Apple Mac Pro

We offer complete IT solutions for business.

Most business tech support can be carried out remotely and is covered by our IT support plans.

Remote support for business whenever you need it

Cheaper than an in-house team

Access expert help for a fixed fee

Want to speak to a computer expert? Give us a call!

Dedicated Onsite Support Service

Your organization is unique. That's why we tailor our proven IT staffing solutions to be the perfect fit for your company.

Certain complex projects demand a technician's presence consistently. Our technical support staff is long-term, dedicated experts and are assigned based on your company needs for skill set. While our team is onsite, they will troubleshoot, repair, replace, or setup, computers, networks, servers, or programs.

Our IT Managers have five or more years of experience in managing Apple Server environments, Advanced Networking, Virtual environments, and much, much more. They are well versed in Microsoft Products, Mac OS, iOS, back-end database programs, and most industry-standard software. Get the best and brightest to meet your technical challenges.

Benefits To Outsourcing On-Site Technical Support:

DNS Server Infrastructure Support

ADVANTESCO offers enterprise-grade support for your DNS infrastructure, regardless of what DNS servers you are using. For many organizations, DNS management is not their core competence, nor should it be. Outsourcing your primary DNS operations or adding a secondary provider can enhance your security strategy. Rely on ADVANTESCO's one of a kind DNS architecture that avoids the typical single points of failure that virtually all other DNS systems have deployed.

Our services include:

Installation, maintenance, updates, configuration, logging and troubleshooting

Generic DNS questions (DNS resolution, DNS tracing, debugging DNS anomalies)

DNSSEC (trust anchor repositories, DNSSEC validation, DNSSEC troubleshooting)

Big or Small, Rookie or Professional.
We have a Hosting solution for you.

Because we host domains and websites for businesses and organizations of all sizes, our mission is to provide the highest quality hosting to get your server or business up as soon as possible. What sets us apart is that you can talk to a person, get advice, and take advantage of our willingness to help with your web presence, from domain registration to website and email hosting. Our servers are consistently updated as needed to deploy the latest security and performance enhancements as they become available.

Online backup offers a secure and reliable solution to copy, store, and access files from any site, anywhere. Files, such as email, contacts, photos, financial information, and other relevant documents are encrypted and securely stored within the Online Backup Cloud.

We can store content on our cloud servers. Our systems can be remotely managed and accessed.

Unlimited multi-site web hosting with value added features is suitable for any type of project. One dedicated IP, 100GB storage.

SSL certificate (https://) for all hosted websites and subdomains.

Multiple e-mail accounts for all hosted websites. And with an e-mail archiving solution, you can effortlessly search the archive, and the application locates all of the e-mail messages and attachments that meet your criteria. E-mail archiving is a significant data loss prevention tool for businesses concerned about accidental or malicious deletion of e-mail, or data retention in cases of employee turnover.

Make email safe for business with award-winning email-filtering, spam blocking, encryption.

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