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Today’s modern data centers include innovations such as server virtualization, storage over Ethernet, and the evolution in application delivery models. The rapid increase in network traffic puts the traditional data center under substantial constraints. The cloud-ready data center represents an indispensable and utterly complex part of your company. Voice and video are becoming primary applications within the corporate network. 

It is challenging to stay on top of the latest tools, standards, and processes. An outdated Data Center can prevent a business from realizing its full potential. To remain competitive and successful, having a robust, state-of-the-art co-location/data center infrastructure is crucial. A reliable, scalable, and modern data center creates an agile foundation that helps your business quickly and cost-effectively fulfill multiple business goals – primarily, the ability for dynamic growth.

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With a deep understanding of the data center market, ADVANTESCO helps to build a dedicated and customized data center infrastructure as well as an administered service that delivers the scale, security, and reliability required by today’s carriers, enterprises, and government entities.


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If your Data Center is already operational, our team of experts can add value to your existing data center. All this can be archived by optimizing operations, adding infrastructure elements (computer, storage, database, and network, etc.) and implementing technology applications to reduce cost and increase security and efficiency. 

Complete Solutions for Data Centers

Whether you need fiber and copper, or enclosures and security, we offer the optimum, integrated solutions you require.

Our Data solutions include:

Fiber / copper solutions

Biometric access control

Power, LED lighting

Cable management solutions

Cooling and airflow

IP cameras and security solutions

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