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Are you new to Mac? Or do you just want to jump from Expert to Mac Guru? Do you need one-on-one training? Or do you want group training for your entire company?

ADVANTESCO has specialized, custom training programs geared for business customers.

We can help you enhance the quality of your Apple Mac experience by teaching you how to make better use of it. Moving to a Mac can be one of the best changes in your technological life. However, like many new Mac users, you may be hesitant to change to a platform that you have no training or experience. We can provide you with the training you need, either onsite or remotely, to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Available presentation topics include:

iPhone and iPad Essentials
iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks
Using iPad for Business
Tech Essentials for Entrepreneurs
The Entrepreneurs Guide to Working with Images
Mac for Entrepreneurs
What Is the Cloud?
Using the Cloud for Productivity
iPhoto Basics
Web Apps
Internet of Things

Are you trying to set up your Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, or some specific software like FileMaker or Apple Mail? How are your back-ups? Does your wireless network work? Want your employees to be able to telecommute? If you are looking for some help, we can navigate these technological situations with ease and show you how to do it, too! We are here to answer basic to complex questions about software and hardware that can make your life easier. We can teach complex technical topics in words humans can understand.

We can help with:
iCal Calendar Syncing & Sharing via iCloud
iPhoto Photo Stream and sharing
iPhone, iPod, or iPad Syncing
Apple Photos (formerly iPhoto) photo importing and management
Time Machine and Time Capsule set up
Time Machine & Off-site back-ups
Basic Macintosh operation

Learn, create, and be inspired in hands-on sessions at the Apple Store. Find out what's going on with Today at Apple:
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