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ADVANTESCO provides customers, distribution channel partners and social IT practitioners with a full range of Peplink professional trainings for Peplink products and technologies.

Meet the challenges of new technologies

Understand demands for cutting-edge technology with proven value and constant advance

Gain knowledge applicable from network design

ADVANTESCO offers classroom training and support in the operations and management of Peplink networks via monthly training. Our hands-on training enables you to install your network quickly, discover how to efficiently operate your network, and learn how through ongoing maintenance network downtime can be minimized.

The product training course modules cover all the fundamentals of Peplink products: Peplink Balance, Pepwave Max, the new XD Series, Switches and more.

Peplink's engineering certificate demonstrates mastery of the full range of theoretical knowledge and operational skills required small- and medium-sized enterprise networks.

InControl simplifies network management by aggregating network information and presenting them in easy-to-read reports.

Peplink Product Training - every last Thursday in every month. 
PLEASE VALIDATE WITH YOUR COMPANY if there are available training seats available. 

Our Trainers

These training will equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome any challenge.

Khairy Mohammed - PCE/PCSS Trainer
Mandy Steininger - PCSS Trainer

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