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Our comprehensive assessment service delivers a complete overview of operational, tactical, and strategic reviews of your current network environment so that you’re able to make a fully informed decision regarding changes that are needed to achieve the most advantageous design.

ADVANTESCO Network assessment services provide our customers with a thorough analysis of your network’s performance, its strengths and weaknesses, and obstacles to achieving optimal performance.

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As organizations and their demands grow, mergers take place or devices passed from one operational team to another, so does the Network. Devices may be added on the fly to the Network, and at some point, administrators may be in the dark as to what is running on their Network.

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Network Upgrade

To keep up with demands, Networks need to be upgraded from time to time. Before upgrading, you will want to perform a Network Audit to know what is going on in your Network, which devices are still supported by the vendor (both software and hardware), which devices to replace, which ones to upgrade, and so on.

Number Three

Problem Resolution

Organizations that had lost crucial team members, which setup or maintained their Network, should know what made up their Network, and performing a Network Assessment was the way to go.

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Depending on the kind of business an organization is into, they may be required to comply with specific standards (e.g., PCI DSS). A Network Audit will be used both by the company (to prepare for the audit) and external auditors (to assess the compliance of the organization).

ADVANTESCO's Network Assessments include:


Assessment of Your BYOD Policy

A comprehensive network assessment from Turn-key Technologies (TTI) involves a thorough review of your organization’s BYOD policies.


Assessment of Your Network's Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are weaknesses that can be easily exploited by malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to your network.


Assessment of Network's Bandwidth Demands

Your network has a finite amount of bandwidth that must be distributed among your users. Monitoring and understanding the usage and distribution of that bandwidth will allow you to decide if the network needs to be expanded or if individual devices or applications need to be addressed.


Assessment of the Problems in Your Network Infrastructure 

Network Infrastructure includes both the software and hardware composing your system. Hardware includes cables, switches, and access points, while software includes operating systems, applications, firewalls, and the like.


Assessment of Your Network's Data and File Security

Data and file security are two of the most crucial issues of overall network security. Understanding how an organization collects, stores, and accesses sensitive information is as important to your network’s security as anything else.

The most important aspect of a network audit is the action taken in response to the findings. Organizations should not think that their work is done with the network audit alone. A carefully planned network upgrade can help resolve your organization’s connectivity issues and improve the user experience. In the enterprise setting, efficient and reliable network performance is essential for maintaining productivity and keeping critical operations running smoothly.

Now’s the time to assess the health of your network and streamline the functionality of your IT infrastructure with a comprehensive network assessment. 

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