Peplink Mobile Bandwidth Bonding

Speed & Reliability. Over Any Connection.

In the mainstream enterprise market, SD-WAN is typically used to add broadband, DSL, or mobile links to their existing connection. It enables organizations to increase the bandwidth of existing MPLS connections while providing a failover backup, all at substantial cost savings compared to directly upgrading the MPLS line to the same standard of bandwidth and reliability.

We understand the importance of staying connected wherever you are. Whether you’re zooming around town or stationed in the middle of nowhere, roaming from network to network should not equate to downtime and more downtime, which is why we believe in equipping our customers with best-in-class cellular routers to battle spotty coverage. Wherever you go, whatever you do, our MAX Cellular Routers have you covered.

With Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology, we’re able to bond multiple SIM cards, from a combination of LTE carriers, to provide truly unbreakable connectivity and bandwidth. With MAX cellular routers, you can stream video and quickly transfer large files in remote areas with poor connectivity. SpeedFusion technology makes this possible by bonding the bandwidth of multiple cellular services. In addition to 3G/4G LTE connections, you can also add VSAT and landlines into your SpeedFusion tunnel.

Link aggregation

Unbreakable Connectivity

SpeedFusion Hot Failover maintains secure tunnels over all available WAN links to keep the network up and running when a connection drops out. If a WAN link fails, SpeedFusion instantly routes traffic to a working tunnel for uninterrupted VoIP sessions.

Untethered from Fixed Line

Combine the bandwidth of several mobile connections to form an ultra-fast data link. Sustain bandwidth-hungry and latency-sensitive tasks without the need for fixed lines, such as rolling workplace with full access to multi-cloud and security services, HD video streaming, and mobile clinic.

Link Failover

A Complete Ecosystem of Solutions

Bus connectivity diagram

Peplink’s routers on the vehicle can also be combined with several other Peplink products to complete the total package. Peplink's Smart Reader can record arrive and departure times, and the new SD-PMU allows for easy monitoring and regulating of power usage going to all onboard devices.

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