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Email is at the very core of how we communicate today, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the workplace. With the broad availability and adoption of broadband, email has quickly risen to supplant both the phone and fax machine as the primary form of day-to-day and legally-binding business communication.

Among the reasons that email has evolved into a communications staple are its sheer speed and cost-effectiveness. The shift away from leased lines to municipal broadband such as DSL has lowered the cost of email communication and increased its use, as flat-rate connectivity for small and medium-sized businesses has significantly reduced the cost of internet access for all, compared with leased lines and WAN connections that charged by the megabyte. It has also made it easier for even the smallest of businesses to host their own mail server on the premises.

Hosting your own email server inside the business is still the most popular way of maintaining email services in the workplace.

Benefits of an On-premise Email Hosting Solution

Hosting your company’s email on someone else’s servers means trusting them to keep your data private. When a company like Google changes its privacy policy, you can never be sure about the privacy of your data. With your email hosted on servers housed within your business, you control all aspects of its privacy. It includes not only who has administrative access to accounts, and network access to the service, but also physical access to the hardware the service is running on.

Hosting your own email gives you full control over policies governing your data. Depending on the nature of your business, data-retention policies may be critical, especially as it relates to court-ordered access to your email archives. Being able to control your policies to retain mail only as long as needed, or for as long as possible may be an important consideration.

Web-based email systems tend to get updates and feature changes more frequently than locally installed systems, mainly because the changes are easier to push out. When those changes remove features you relied on, add features you don’t want, or come at a time when retraining staff is difficult, your business could suffer. Having your own email system allows you to schedule your own updates for a time that best works for the company, and gives you more direct control over selecting which features are added, retained, or removed.

Not only is the mail delivered quickly throughout the company, but any mail coming in is received immediately. When a company doesn’t have its own mail server, internal and incoming messages all have to be routed to the distant server before they are delivered. Depending on how slow the server is to connect, the messages may not be received for quite some time. A business with its own mail server eliminates the lag time between sending and receiving messages.

Protection against hacking and malicious attacks with SSL encryption, S/MIME, anti-spam and anti-virus tools, and more. 

Automated backup with granular restore options ensure quick and easy recovery from all types of disasters. Server-wide archiving prevents data loss and helps organizations to comply with legal requirements for email retention.

Kerio Deployment Options

Kerio Connect supports three different deployment options to let you choose the approach that best fits with your existing IT processes, infrastructure, and organization. No matter what option you use, Kerio Connect offers the same great end-user experience, rigorous security, and ease of administration.

Kerio Connect Single-Server - Easily install Kerio Connect on your existing hardware, using your favorite host OS or hypervisor. We support most versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac. Or choose the VMware virtual appliance to efficiently run Kerio Connect side-by-side on the same hardware as your other business applications without worrying about operating system compatibility.

Kerio Connect Multi-Server - Deploy this modular, multiple server solution for greater scalability and performance in larger organizations and distributed multi-office environments, or in partner-hosted Kerio Cloud environments.

Kerio Connect is User-Friendly

Synchronization (CardDAV and EWS)
Remote lookup (LDAP)
Public and shared contacts
Global address list
Create contact from email
Contact groups
Contact photos
Click to Call with Kerio Operator

Jabber/XMPP protocol support
Group chat
Chat rooms
Audio and video chat
File transfer
Web based chat
Global address list with photos
Desktop notifications

Exchange ActiveSync 14.1 (option)
CalDAV/CardDAV/IMAP client support
Kerio Connect Sync app for Android
Global address list synchronization
Public and shared folders
Automatic configuration for iOS

Kerio Connect Client (web based)
Kerio Connect Client (Windows & Mac)
Microsoft Outlook (Windows & Mac)
Windows 10 Mail and Calendar
Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Messages, and Reminders

Kerio Connect is Admin-Friendly

MyKerio centralized web based management to monitor and manage multiple Kerio deployments
Remote web based administration
Administration API
Customizable login page
One-click software updates
Automated server backup
Multiple domains
Custom logo per domain
Distributed domains
Storage quotas and notifications per domain
SMTP server relay routing (smart host)
Email archiving per server and per domain
Moderated mailing lists with NNTP
Recover deleted items
Status, activity, and debug monitoring
Audit logs, charts, reports, and statistics
Message queue status & configuration
IMAP & Exchange migration tools
Domain Footers with variable fields
IPv6 Support

Password policy with complexity
Password guessing protection
Secure connectivity (TLS 1.2)
Require secure connectivity
Perfect Forward Secrecy support
Signed and custom SSL certificates
Encrypted email (S/MIME)
DKIM signatures
SMTP submission
Directory harvest attack protection
Sender anti-spoofing protection
Remote mobile device wipe

Integrated anti-virus (option)
Standard spam filter (SpamAssassin with SURBL)
Advanced spam filter: Kerio Anti-spam (powered by Bitdefender) (option)
Spam repellent (SMTP greeting delay)
Internet and custom blacklists
Anti-spoofing (SPF)
Attachment filtering
Server based filtering rules
Message size limits

Microsoft Active Directory
Apple Open Directory
Linux PAM
Local user database
Import user list
Account settings templates
Mailbox quotas and notifications
Access policies based on protocols
Data retention policy (Items clean-out)

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