Peplink SpeedFusion Bonding 

The Power to Do More While Paying Less

Aggregate Your Connections With SpeedFusion

Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology powers enterprise VPNs that tap into the bandwidth of up to 13 low-cost cables, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN (True Bonding). Whether you’re transferring a few documents or driving real-time POS data, video feeds, and VoIP conversations, SpeedFusion pumps all your data down a single bonded data-pipe that’s budget-friendly, ultra-fast, and easily configurable to suit any networking environment.

Picture explaining SpeedFusion Hot Failover

WAN Smoothing

To combat packet loss, our engineers have developed a SpeedFusion technology: WAN Smoothing. Using intelligent algorithms, the sending Peplink device builds and delivers special packets. Armed with these special packets, the receiving Peplink device can then reconstruct the lost packets to ensure that communications remain consistent.

At the same time, WAN Smoothing will attempt to assign traffic to the WAN connection with the lowest latency. Thus, the latency of the SpeedFusion tunnel becomes the latency of the most responsive WAN connection.

SpeedFusionTM Hot Failover 

With other VPN technologies, WAN failover terminates existing VPN connections, resulting in costly downtime. SpeedFusion Hot Failover maintains secure tunnels over all available WAN links to keep you up and running when a connection drops out. If a WAN link fails, SpeedFusion Hot Failover instantly and seamlessly routes traffic to a working tunnel for uninterrupted VoIP sessions, unbreakable VPNs, and all day, everyday productivity.

SpeedFusion - Picture for WAN smoothing

SpeedFusion Use Cases

Picture of a data center rack with Peplink Balance device

Data Centers

Connect up to 13 WAN links of any type. Mix T1, DSL, and fiber connections to get the most bandwidth for your money. Use a clustered pair of Balance routers for HA. Guarantee availability of customer-facing services with inbound load balancing.

Here you see a picture of a small office

Branch Offices

Bond multiple slow WAN links to aggregate bandwidth at sites with poor connectivity options. Failover to cellular when other links go down. Use quality of service to control bandwidth usage and centrally manage wireless access points with built-in wireless LAN management.

Picture of a home office worker

Home Office

Bond WAN links and failover between multiple DSL/cable links to improve bandwidth availability and increase productivity. Use CPE devices like the Surf On-The-Go with built-in SpeedFusion support for enterprise-grade connectivity at home and on the road.

Picture of Peplink installation at the beach for Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

Deploy rugged, harsh environment-certified MAX routers in any vehicle. Power the MAX directly from a 10V – 30V power supply. Bond up to four 3G/4G/LTE connections, two additional WAN links (satellite, etc.), and provide local Wi-Fi access, all with one cellular connectivity powerhouse.

Picture of a POS system for retail solutions


Stay up and running round-the-clock with automatic failover to cellular. Aggregate bandwidth and failover between multiple WAN links with SpeedFusion. Use a DSL line as your primary link and failover seamlessly in the event of an outage. Or connect an entire installation on bonded cellular alone.

Picture of video camera for video streaming solutions

Live HD Video Streaming

Stream live HD video from practically anywhere with up to four bonded 3G/4G/LTE connections. Eliminate data cap overages with built-in bandwidth monitoring that switches connections before you exceed your allowance.

SpeedFusion Cloud AWS Transit Gateway
Diagram SpeedFusion Cloud usage SpeedFusion Map

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