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From email and apps to data management and logistics, technology is an essential component of every business today. Technology innovation demands continual improvement with a strategy that’s supported by your vision and a professional. An approach that is maintained through system notifications and user feedback, with the result being the continual elevation of the IT service experience. We implement solutions that are rigid enough to set simple workflow protocols, yet flexible enough to withstand change and updates in technology. Behind every system plan and implementation are a strong emphasis on data security, mobility, communication, and business goals.

As your project managers, we will:
Develop a complete project plan, including selecting the best technicians and building a structured timeline
Work with the procurement team to source and deliver materials to your site
Provide written summaries on project progress and proactively address areas for improvement
Build a genuine partner-to-partner relationship

Let ADVANTESCO turn your plans into a reality while delivering your project on time and budget.

What ADVANTESCO's Apple Project Management include:

The project goal is identified and the project is created. This is when the feasibility study is conducted to determine whether it is financially advantageous to undertake the project.

This is when every task required for each phase of the project is mapped out, and resources are appropriately allocated. It’s generally assumed that IT projects will need to be updated frequently, based on the development of new technology as well as changing priorities or unexpected dependencies. As such, our IT project managers typically plan in cycles.

In this phase, our IT project manager leads the entire team through each step of the project plan. The end goal is the deliverable, whether it be a product or service.

Our IT project manager is responsible for monitoring and controlling the work to ensure it stays on time and within budget, as well as maintains quality and reduces risk.

This final stage ensures all work has been completed and approved, and ownership transfers from the project team to operations.

ADVANTESCO uses Agile Project Management

Geared toward continuous improvement, the agile methodology significantly increases a project’s prospects for success. Agile was initially developed for the software industry to streamline and improve the development process to rapidly identify and adjust for issues and defects.

It provides a way for developers and teams to deliver a better product, in a faster manner, through short, iterative, interactive sessions/sprints. In the era of digital transformation, with many companies migrating to a digital workplace, agile is a perfect fit for organizations looking to transform how they manage projects and operate as a whole.

Agile will help to ensure company-wide process and methodological alignment.
In terms of business benefits, both the digital workplace and agile provide:
- Increased flexibility
- Increased productivity
- Increased transparency
- Higher quality deliverables
- Decreased risk of missed objectives
- Increased stakeholder engagement and satisfaction

Agile Project Management

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