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Probably the World’s Easiest Site-to-Site VPN

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On top of all the benefits of IPsec and other conventional VPN technologies, the PepVPN engine also offers:

Long-distance Ethernet cable − PepVPN allows a secure and seamless Ethernet tunnel over any IP connection (Layer 2 over Layer 3). It virtually provides a long-distance Ethernet cable over any WAN link.

Seamless transition − PepVPN and SpeedFusion share the same foundation VPN engine. It means all your PepVPN and SpeedFusion devices will work flawlessly together. It also allows you to easily upgrade a PepVPN endpoint to SpeedFusion, to take advantage of the added benefits, without having to worry about compatibility.

Works in any dynamic IP environment − PepVPN is fully compatible with any dynamic IP environment and NAT, allowing you to establish a VPN behind a NAT gateway or firewall without worrying about static IP addresses.

PepVPN is our foundation VPN engine and used in all Peplink routers. It is ideal for establishing a secure tunnel over any WAN link and is possibly the world’s easiest VPN technology. PepVPN is introduced to make it even easier to migrate to SpeedFusion and build SD-WAN enabled networks. It offers all the benefits of IPsec and other conventional tunneling protocols, plus a variety of performance and reliability features you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you want all the benefits of SpeedFusion right away or whether you prefer to migrate in stages, our new three-tier structure makes it simple, affordable, and convenient. 
PepVPN is the core engine of our site-to-site VPN technology. It is ideal for establishing a secure tunnel over any WAN link.

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Still not sure which SpeedFusion technologies are right for you? Check out the chart below.

With our new three-tier structure, it’s never been easier to migrate to SpeedFusion and see why customers around the world have replaced IPsec and other conventional site-to-site VPN technologies. Still not sure which SpeedFusion technologies are right for you? Check out the chart below.

Features IPsec PepVPNSpeedFusion
Hot Failover
Bandwidth Bonding
256-bit AES Encryption
PepVPN Engine
Ease of Use
Support any
Dynamic IP Environments
Seamless, Hot Failover −
Unbreakable VoIP and VPN
Bandwidth Aggregation
VPN Bonding Across
Multiple WAN Links

Packet-Level Bandwidth Bonding from SpeedFusion

By using encrypted VPN, branch offices gain secure, local network access to cloud resources.

Working hand-in-hand with Hot Failover and PepVPN, SpeedFusion Bonding teams up all your connections to give you blazing throughput whenever you need it, giving you full SD-WAN flexibility and link resilience.

Multi-provider bandwidth bonding

SpeedFusion Bonding combines multiple links from multiple providers into a single, superfast tunnel.

Easy, on-demand scalability

With SpeedFusion Bonding, you can plug in connections from any provider and get more bandwidth instantly. And you can unplug connections at any time, keeping your connectivity costs under control.

Automatic Hot Failover handoff

SpeedFusion Bonding intelligently monitors connections and automatically turns control over to Hot Failover when links become unstable.

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